Lake County Passion Play

May 19 and 20, 2012
4pm - 6pm
7010 Westlake Road
Upper Lake, CA 95485
(Off Highway 29 as it passes up the west side of Clear Lake, about 7 miles north of Lakeport in Lake County).

What is the Lake County Passion Play?
See the passion, death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ come alive on a spectacular 1000 foot outdoor venue.  See Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane: a real garden on a hillside. See the Roman soldiers come up over the ridge on horses to arrest Jesus.  See Pontius Pilate arrive in a chariot.  See big crowds incited to near riot and shouting "Crucify him!".  See the passion of our Lord, and rejoice at his Resurrection!   This production is a deeply moving experience for all Christians.  The producer is the local Catholic priest; the play is meant to be a time of spiritual reflection on the Paschal Mystery, not a theatrical entertainment per sec.

Things to Know Before You Go
Mary Ann (447-5881) and Debbie went to the 2011 performance, and learned a few practical things for you to think about.
  • Three hour drive from Livermore through beautiful wine country.  Consider making a weekend of it and staying in Calistoga.
  • The venue is outside in a rough field with a spectacular 1000 foot stage area
  • Be ready for rain or shine, cold or hot weather (umbrellas, blankets, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses)
  • Bring your own chair
  • Wear casual clothes and sturdy walking shoes that can get muddy
  • No food, drinks or pets are allowed in the grounds
  • Bring a snack to eat on the drive up and on the way back: no restaurants in the vicinity
Mary Ann and Debbie stopped in Napa Valley at a public park for a quick picnic on the drive north.  Afterwards, we stopped at a nearby Safeway deli for supper.

On the northward journey, we  followed Hwy 29 the whole way through Napa Valley.  Near the lake, Hwy 29 takes a 90 degree left turn to go up the west side of the lake.

On the southward journey, we cut over to Hwy 101 to return to the Bay Area.

Both routes were a lovely drive and took about the same amount of time.  We went up and back the same day (Sunday) and encountered little traffic.

Map of Passion Play Grounds

Link to Google map of the grounds of the Passion Play:

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