Living Bethlehem

Living Bethlehem Coming to Livermore!!
December 13-17, 2012
St. Michael Church near Maple and Church Streets
Near Downtown Livermore
Six Shows Nightly
Free of Charge and Open to All

Imagine walking into the village of Bethlehem . . .

See the Roman soldiers keeping rough order and Roman officials working for the great census . . .

See a poor married couple arrive on a donkey, seeking some place to stay . . .

See shepherds with their sheep being visited by an angel with an astounding message . . .

See wisemen from Persia arriving with a camel, dancers, and gold and gifts for a new born king foretold by the stars . . .

Talk to the villagers as they weave cloth, run a carpentry shop, or gather around a bonfire wondering about what they have heard . . .

Want to help make this happen?  
Then please email Doug Fernandez,

Tell us what you like to do!  

We need:
Publicity and marketing
Coordination of volunteers
Costumes created
Buildings and sets constructed and painted
Animal handlers (live sheep, donkey, camel, etc).
Singers and actors
anything you can do, we need done!